Erykah Badu: „We don’t own our music no more.“


Die amerikanische Soulstimme und Schauspielerin Erykah Badu gab auf realtalkny kürzlich folgendes schriftliches Statement zur heutigen Lage im Hip-Hop ab:

„How y’all gone stand by and let our music turn into pop techno cornball ass music. We don’t own our music no more. Come to think of it, did we EVER own it? when I say own our music , I’m not talkin bout the artist I’m talkin bout the people … let me be quiet. I wanna hear from the young people? easy for me to complain about this techno-pop cause i have a taste for something else. but how do u feel? These rappers ought to be shame of they damn selves, I’m talkin bout the mc’ s rappin over this pop techno music. I believe in pimpin the system buy got DAMN! not like this. #pop-technosongs. I like the idea of no distinction in race when it comes 2 music, but SOULkeepers, U dont give up the boom bip and the hump 4 the payday. I love house and techno as a side dish .But now it’s served as the main course AND that’s ALL u gone get. like chittlins in the back house. I love music PERIOD. just not ready to say goodbye to the boom bip and the hump .. kinda painful for my generation to see. just strange 2me. Yes, no1 wants 2B poor again. artist have2 sacrifice integrity of the music sometimes 2 make ends meet. this is understood.but gotDAMN now. if you’ve never tasted good p*ssy your satisfied with ass hole. (that’s terrible ain’t it .) lol“

Erykah Badu

Damit kritisiert sie in erster Linie den poppigen Elektrosound moderner Produktionen und die MC’s, die diesen Sound dem klassischen BoomBap, aus monetären Gründen, vorziehen. Ob es, abgesehen von der allgemeinen Entwicklung einen konkreten Anlass für ihren „Weckruf“ gibt, bleibt ungeklärt.

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